Software testing services

Looking for software quality assurance services? Come to Logix Technology to save your valuable time and have high standard QA products

Our software quality assurance and testing services ensure to achieve the productivity as well as budget efficiency by accurate analysis and testing at every production step.
We will help you

We will help you

Save your cost

The longer errors go undetected in your software, the more expensive it is to repair. Our Quality Assurance services can help you save your time and money.

Speed up delivery

With our software quality assurance, all testing works will be solved promptly to minimize bottlenecks, allowing your business to proceed to profit.

Reduce risks and promote efficiency

By employing Quality Assurance testing, bugs are detected and repaired with a view to enhancing the quality of the software applications.

We will serve you

We will serve you

Functional testing

We will test the system against the functional requirements/ specifications to meet the customers’ demand.

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Automation Testing

Root out possible vulnerabilities in your system pre-development and ward off potential outside intrusion.

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Usability Testing

We’ll inspect a product for its ergonomics and utilize that knowledge to make sure it’s an absolute joy to use.

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Load and Performance Testing

Logix Technology’s engineers will examine a system’s performance, responsiveness, and stability under load.

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API Testing

Unlike GUI testing or UI testing, API testing can be started much earlier in the development process. API tests run much faster and are more stable than UI tests. Executing API tests early in the software development lifecycle can provide quick feedback on application quality.

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Offshore Software Testing Services

Everyone knows that outsourcing reduces costs. But, a successful QA outsourcing plan brings much more to the table.

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