Big Data Technologies

Our Big Data Technologies offers Big Data solutions by deploying the latest advances in Data Machine Learning for your Data Strategy

Logix Technology applies advanced Big Data Technologies to bring deep analytics and innovative methods to gain new insights against diverse data sets from different sources and in different sizes.
Partner with Logix Technology

Partner with Logix Technology

Better Decision Making

You can discover useful knowledge from otherwise unintelligible data and make smarter decisions.

Cost Reduction

We leverage best-in-class tools like Hadoop, cloud-based analytics, etc, which can optimize the expenses during the storing process.

Improved Performance

With data analytics services, Logix Technology can help your business to anticipate the capacity to meet the customer’s requests.




Solution approach

Solution approach

Data ingestion

Obtain and import data for storage in a database

Date Storage

Select an appropriate database and store data in accordance with the client’s requests.

Data analysis

Check, transform and model data with the aim of finding helpful information and arrive at conclusions.